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Why everyone making electronic music should try an analog synth


So mentioned in my previous post that there were several booths at NAMM that featured analog synthasizers in some shape or form.  This was a bit of a revelation for me, as all of my music composition has been done using software based synths, or devices that created sounds digitally inside a stand alone device.  I learned a few things while at NAMM, and one was the everyone that produces electronic music should at the very least play one of these things to get a feel for the way synths used to be.

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NAMM 2012!


Wow!  What a weekend!  I was not sure what to expect from the NAMM show, as this was my first year, but what an amazing experience!  I was hoping to check out some of the new DJ controllers and production equipment coming out this year, but I never thought that I would get my hands on a Moog synthasizer, get to tweak a real Reactable, or get a demonstration of the Rhizome Mega Groovebox by the most excited little Frenchman in the basement.  That does not even broach the subject of the modular analog synths that were on display, which I will cover in another post.  In order to keep this organized, let’s go through the highlights!

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